Installing a new battery for your motorcycle can be done in these easy steps. Always use the correct size socket on your socket wrench when removing and replacing the bolts on the battery, otherwise you can strip the bolts.


Step 1: Locate your battery

Usually, you can find your motorcycle’s battery under the seat, but if it’s not there, consult your owner’s manual to help you locate it.


Step 2: Remove the negative cable

Using the correct size socket, remove the bolt from the negative, or ground cable and secure the cable away from the positive cable and any metal on the bike frame. Touching the negative cable to metal or the positive cable will cause sparks.

Note: Usually the ground cable is the negative cable, but some vehicles might have a positive ground. Always remove the ground cable first, and then remove the remaining cable.


Step 3: Remove the positive cable

Do the same for the positive cable as you just did with the negative cable – remove the bolt and secure the cable out of the way of any other cables or metal.

Make a note of where the negative and positive locations are and how the current battery sits in your motorcycle before dropping in the new battery. You’ll also want to clean the terminals and cable connections with a wire brush before installing the new battery. If you find any frayed or cut cables, replace those before you move on.


Step 4: Remove the old battery and drop in the new one

Before dropping in the new battery, insert the new nuts that came with your battery. Also, make sure the positive and negative are on the correct sides and that the cables are out of the way and will not get caught under the battery.


Step 5: Attach the positive cable

Start the process you just did in reverse, beginning with attaching the positive cable.


Step 6: Attach the negative cable

When you attach the negative cable after attaching the positive cable, it may create a small spark. Don’t be alarmed – this is very common when hooking up the negative cable.


Step 7: Replace the seat

Make sure everything is tight, replace the seat or panel that goes over the battery, and you’re done!