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At ThrottleX Batteries we are experts when it comes to batteries, so we encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. We understand that a battery, while relatively small can have a large impact on your ride whether a motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, snowmobile, scooter or UTV. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest developments in technology, such as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, so you can be sure you’re getting not only a battery replacement but a better ride overall. We carry a variety of brands including: Harley Davidson Batteries , Suzuki Batteries , Honda Batteries & more.

Our popular application guide is a great place to start to help you narrow down just which model you need for your particular ride, but we definitely understand that you may still have some questions. Whether your question is about what the best battery for your ride is or about some of our policies we are happy to explain everything. We’ll help you take into consideration everything you’ll need before you buy. Additionally, all of our batteries come with a 12 or 18 month free replacement warranty  and free shipping so that you can be sure you’re making a great investment. If you can’t find the answer to your question below please get in touch with us via phoneemailFacebook or Twitter. Get back to your ride faster!

“Best” can be defined in different ways, such as most powerful, longest warranty or lowest price.  Use our application guide to help you select the “best” battery choice for your ride.

Unfortunately no, ThrottleX is only able to ship batteries to a valid street address. Orders may be placed with a credit card that uses a PO box for billing purposes but the shipping address must be a valid street address.

All ThrottleX batteries are manufactured at or above the original equipment specifications for starting power.  Their expected life cycle equals or exceeds most original equipment based on our experience.

In most cases the answer is yes. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is one of the more recent advancements in battery technology and usually provides more cranking power than its conventional counterpart. AGM technology uses a tear resistant glass mat separator to hold the electrolyte (acid) in place eliminating spills or leaks.

AGM batteries are often mistaken for gel batteries. Although there are similarities, there are a few distinct differences between the two technologies. AGM batteries have fewer charging restrictions, a much lower discharge rate during extended periods of non use and usually higher cranking power than gel batteries.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is the starting power a battery can deliver for thirty seconds at 0° Fahrenheit without dropping below 7.2 volts.  A higher CCA rating will means more power will be available for starting your ride.  Higher CCA’s are recommended for colder climates and applications with aftermarket electrical accessories.

Make sure your replacement battery meets or exceeds the recommended CCA for your ride.  Under capacity batteries can cause electrical and starting issues.  When possible, use an AGM type battery because it is more vibration resistant, has a lower discharge rate and generally provides more cranking power.

No, most conventional batteries (the type you have to fill and charge) have an AGM upgrade available which is non spillable, has a much lower discharge rate and usually more cranking power.

All batteries have a 12 or 18 month free replacement warranty.  Warranty is described as, and limited to, defects in manufacturer’s materials and workmanship.  Warranties are not transferable.

Sulfation is a natural occurrence in all power sport batteries.  It is the prime cause of early battery failure and occurs when sulfur in the electrolyte forms crystals that attach to the lead plates and then act as “insulation” keeping the battery from accepting a charge.  Sulfation begins when batteries become discharged, generally from less than normal use.

Every battery with an “X” in the part number is filled, fully charged and ready to install.  Batteries without an “X” in the part number need to be filled and charged before installing.

Please make an honest effort to recycle your old battery by dropping it off to recycling center.  Do your part to help keep the environment clean.

If the batteries are still in production, we have them.  Applications going back to the 1950’s are available.  The exception is early 6 volt European applications.

Hard starts or when your battery will not hold a charge for more than a few days.  Sometimes you receive no warning.  It just stops working.

Although it is rare, there are times when our application guide may not include a particular make or model.  If that’s the case, and there are no part numbers to reference on your original battery, please call us toll free at 855-704-7348 with the dimensions or use our search by dimension feature.

You will receive two emails.  The first will confirm your order has been processed and will also be your receipt.  The second will include a UPS tracking number that will allow you to get current location and estimated delivery date and time information for your order.

Orders placed before 4 PM EST will be processed that day.  Average UPS ground shipment takes 2 – 3 days.

All orders are shipped from Michigan.

We have thousands of batteries available. While most of them are represented here in our Battery Application Guide, there are some that are for rare bikes or unique applications. Call or email us, it’s likely we have what you’re looking for.