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Here at ThrottleX, we carry batteries for nearly every power-sport vehicle imaginable; our catalog of batteries spans every motorcycle make and model, ATV, snowmobile, jet ski, UTV and scooter, with very few exceptions. For most makes and models, multiple battery options are available, allowing you to choose the battery which best meets your performance and climate requirements. With almost as many battery types as there are vehicle models, it is important to know what some of the differences are between each classification of battery and how it will impact you and your vehicle. Below, we will go into some of the various types of batteries as well as discuss some of the pros and cons of each.

Different Battery Styles

Of all the various battery types that ThrottleX carries, they can be broken down into three main battery styles:

Conventional Lead-Acid Batteries

Tried and true, these batteries have been industry standard in power-sports for many years. They function well and will give you just what you need. They will also offer the best price point. If you are looking for most standard and seasonal applications, they offer more than enough starting power for what you will need. The downside: these batteries will not often have the advantage in terms of weight or required maintenance and durability under extreme conditions; so if you plan on riding your vehicle hard, it may be best to get an upgraded battery.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

A step up from conventional batteries, AGM batteries are a different type of lead-acid battery which are most often sealed and non-spillable. By sealing the lead-acid battery, AGM batteries become maintenance-free and far more durable. This allows riders to participated in more rugged applications, such as off-roading, with little to no worry about damaging the battery. Another benefit AGM batteries provide is that they are typically lower in weight than conventional batteries, as well as CCAs (Cold Cranking Amps), which are 30-50% higher. For applications which require higher performance, durability or ability to withstand extreme climates, AGM batteries are a great choice.

Premium AGM Batteries

Identical to standard AGM batteries in function and composition, premium AGM batteries offer two key advantages over their downgraded brethren: solid lead terminals and thicker exterior casing. These features allow for a considerable increase in battery strength, durability and ease of installation. For extreme riding enthusiasts and off-roaders, premium AGM batteries offer the best longevity, durability and power.

The ThrottleX Inspection

At ThrottleX, we understand that in order to provide our customers with a true quality product, our batteries must be made from high-grade materials in ISO certified manufacturing facilities. All our batteries, from conventional to AGM to premium AGM, are made using the highest standards in materials, technology and manufacturing. Also, every battery is made with sulfate resistant technology and state-of-the-art lead alloy design. Because of the paramount importance we place on quality, we are sure to conduct our due diligence when researching proper manufacturers and ensure OUR batteries provide YOU the high level quality we promise.

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