12 Volt Fully Automatic .75 Amp Charger




The Battery Tender Junior will fully charge a battery and then maintain it at the proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by traditional trickle chargers.

Perfect for all lead acid, AGM, gel and maintenance free batteries. Complete 4 step charging program automatically switches to the minimal charging rate after completely charging the battery. If the battery voltage drops below a certain level the charger will automatically charge the battery to the correct level. Complete with a solid state 2 color LED state of charge indicator.

– Charges any 12 Volt Power Sport Battery

– Charges at a Current of 0.75 Amps

– Spark Proof

– Short circuit protected

– Reverse Polarity Protected

– 4 Step Charging (Initialization, Bulk, Absorption and Float)

– 12 Foot Output Cord

– 5 Year Limited Warranty

Tired of having to remove your battery to charge it? Hardwire it and forget it!

The Battery Tender Junior includes a quick disconnect adapter which eliminates having to remove the battery for seasonal charging or off season maintenance. Simply attach one end of the clearly marked quick disconnect to your battery and place the plug in end in an accessible area on your ride.

When you need to charge or maintain the battery just plug the Battery Tender Junior into the plug in end of the quick disconnect and your done.

No more removing the battery for charging or off season maintenance!



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