ThrottleX knows how challenging it can be to find the right parts to build that special ride, including the right battery.  For our customers who have taken the time, effort and money to make sure their ride is unique, we now offer an easy way to find the right battery by dimension. Simply see below on what to measure for your battery, send or call us with the information and we’ll give you the right part number. Look for our dimension search application guide coming this spring!

ThrottleX Batteries is proud to offer its chopper riding and building customers an easy way to locate the right battery by simply knowing the dimensions of the battery box.  If you can come up with the length, width and height, we can tell you your battery options.

Take a moment to gather the recommended information below and compare it to listings in our battery dimension application guide found only at

Click Here to use our Battery Dimension Guide!


What to measure for your battery:

  • Length of battery box
  • Width of battery box
  • Height of battery box
  • Positive and negative post location
*To recognize the post location, look down at the top of the battery with the posts closest to your body. If the battery is turned around 180 degrees, the post locations are reversed.
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