Battery acid, or electrolyte, is a solution of sulfuric acid and water. Even limited quantities of battery acid can destroy clothing and burn the skin. Use extreme caution when handling battery acid and keep an acid neutralizing solution, such as baking soda, readily available.

When handling battery acid always wear proper eye, face and hand protection. If the battery acid is splashed into an eye, immediately force the eye open and flood with clean, cool water for at least 15 minutes followed by prompt medical attention. If battery acid comes in contact with skin rinse effected area thoroughly with water. If battery acid is taken internally, drink large quantities of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting, but do seek prompt medical attention. Neutralize any spilled battery acid with baking soda. After neutralizing, rinse the contaminated area with clean water.



Always charge batteries in a well ventilated area and wear eye protection. Turn the charger and timer to “OFF” before connecting the leads to avoid dangerous sparks. Never try to charge a visibly damaged or frozen battery. Make sure that the leads to the connections are tight and that the red positive (+) lead is connected to the positive (+) terminal and the black (-) negative lead is connected to the negative (-) terminal. Set the timer (if applicable) and begin charging battery. If the battery becomes hot or gassing or spewing of electrolyte (acid) occurs, reduce charging rate or temporarily discontinue charging. Always turn the charger “OFF” before removing charger leads from the battery to avoid dangerous sparks.