New Harley Application Guide!

ONE-OF-A-KIND HARLEY-DAVIDSON BATTERY APPLICATION GUIDE WILL TRANSFORM BATTERY INDUSTRY Any Harley owner who has looked up parts (especially motorcycle batteries) knowsthe OEM two to four letter Harley Davidson Motorcycle Model designations (FLST, FXR, FLH, FXD, FL, etc.) means very little. Yet this is what dominates today’s battery application guides. Even specific series (Dyna, Touring, Softail, VRSC, etc.) are often a gray area for many Harley owners.  What does resonate with a die-hard Harley owner is engine size and specific models... View Article

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Introducing: ThrottleX Batteries – a new way of buying motorcycle & powersports batteries

Hi – thanks for stopping by our blog. We here at ThrottleX Batteries are very pleased to introduce riders everywhere to a revolutionary new way of buying replacement batteries. Before delving into too much detail about our motorcycle and other powersports batteries, here is a little info we thought you might like to know about ThrottleX. Who is ThrottleX Batteries? ThrottleX Batteries is a new powersports battery brand presented by Battery Specialists, one of the largest and most experienced battery... View Article

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How Much Weight Can You Lose Riding a Motorcycle?

If you’re a married man who rides a motorcycle, you’ve almost certainly had to face the challenge of trying to convince your wife that riding is a good idea. Sure, there are plenty of great women riders out there –– more and more each day –– but for many of us, being “allowed” to ride started with our coming up with a list of reasons why riding is a great idea. It gets me out of the house, honey. Think... View Article

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Riding in Cold Weather: 10 Tips

Depending on where you are, cooler fall weather has already arrived or will very soon. Which means that many riders –– especially those in the northern parts of the country –– will be tucking their bikes into a corner of the garage for the next few months, waiting for summer to return. That’s a shame, because cold-weather rides can be enjoyable with a little foresight. Plus, it dramatically increases your riding season –– pretty important if you love riding as... View Article

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How Do You Define A Cager?

Not too long ago, a riding buddy of mine was apoplectic at the number of boneheaded things he had seen drivers doing while out riding his Harley-Davidson Breakout, trying to to enjoy the fall colors. I’d get in trouble if I were to repeat exactly the words he used but a lot of what he said went like this: “These expletive expletive expletive cagers are a bunch expletive expletive expletives who don’t know how to use an expletive expletive expletive... View Article

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Riding a motorcycle in the rain: 10 tips

There are essentially two types of riders. No, I’m not talking about cruisers and sportbikes, I’m talking about those who love to ride and those who live to ride. For the latter, the need to be on a motorcycle isn’t limited to sunny summer days. And the truth is, riding a motorcycle in the rain can be enjoyable if you do it right. Here are 10 tips on to keep your rolling through the wet: 1) Learn to like coffee... View Article

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What is the Harley Death Wobble?

Like any culture, the culture surrounding the world of motorcycling has its own myths and legends –– ideas and beliefs strongly held simply because they’ve been so often repeated. Gremlin bells are a good example; I wrote a post about them back in July. I’ve also written in the past about skull symbolism, and the belief that green motorcycles are bad luck. Today, I want to talk about one of motorcycling’s chupacabras: the infamous Harley Death Wobble. That sounds like... View Article

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Remembering Evel Knievel’s Snake River Jump 40 Years Later

A little more than 40 years ago, famous daredevil Evel Knievel squeezed into the cockpit of a strange open-top rocket known as Skycycle X-2 and attempted to jump a 3/4-mile chasm at Snake River Canyon, near Twin Falls, Idaho. Ultimately, the attempt was a failure and boondoggle. And for some, the incident is symbolic of the United States in the 1970s. In the wider context, the pain of Vietnam was still fresh on that September day in 1974, as well... View Article

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How Low is the 2015 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low?

America’s three largest motorcycle manufacturers compete for your dollar in all sorts of ways: which has the best look, the best sound, the most power, the strongest heritage and so on. But one of the areas in which competition is fiercest is in keeping riders’ rear ends as close to the road as possible. True, cruisers have never delivered the crow’s-nest-like experience of some adventure machines, but in recent years manufacturers have put even more effort into offering bikes with... View Article

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AGM or Gel? Whats the difference?

Gel Cell Batteries vs. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM): What’s the Difference? So your buddy is telling you to get a gel battery.  He says they last longer, can’t spill acid all over your ride and have more cranking power when you need it.  His opinions can all be considered fact except for one; he doesn’t know the difference between gel and AGM batteries.  Common mistake but now you can set him straight after this quick read. In recent years, an... View Article

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