Servicing the Battery Needs of Your Harleys, Yamahas, Suzukis & More!

Buying parts or accessories for your motorcycle / power-sports vehicle can be a fairly intensive process. The bad news is, the battery is no different. There are many options to choose from, and depending on your type of vehicle and riding style you can be sure there is a specific battery for you. But how do you find it? This one in a million battery that will guarantee the performance you want for your vehicle, and at the same time, not break the bank. You may not know the answer, but fortunately, we do.

This is why you come to ThrottleX. With us, you can be sure of two things:

  • The highest quality and best value motorcycle / power-sports batteries available on the market
  • A simple, transparent way for riders to compare the pros and cons of all battery options available for their application

Backed by over 30 years’ experience in the power-sports battery industry, our batteries represent the highest quality, most efficient technology and best value available in today’s market. Our knowledge in this industry is unparalleled and will in turn be available to you if you have any questions or concerns about what type of battery is right for you. This will give you, the consumer, the intellectual advantage needed to buy the right part and deliver optimum performance to your vehicle.


How Our Process Works

Alongside our expert knowledge, another great feature ThrottleX brings to the power-sports industry is our battery application guide. This step-by-step application is used directly by the consumer and provides exceptional assistance, letting you know exactly which battery is right for you. When you search for a battery for your motorcycle, ATV, jet ski or snowmobile on ThrottleXBatteries.com, you have the ability to quickly narrow down the style, make, and model of your particular vehicle. The application guide then presents you with all the available options that fit your vehicle. Battery options are displayed side-by-side, displaying each battery’s features as well as how much you save by purchasing with ThrottleX.

From here, you can quickly compare each battery’s:

  • Cold cranking amps (CCA)
  • AMP hours
  • AGM technology
  • Required maintenance (maintenance free / non-spillable)
  • Weight
  • Replacement warranty
  • Dimensions
  • Part number
  • Post configuration (view detailed images).

We want riders to know what batteries are available and which offer the best combination of performance and value for their particular ride. That way, you get the most performance from your battery, and you also know exactly what you’re purchasing before you commit to buy.

Get Your Battery Today!

If you still have a few residual questions about our batteries or your particular vehicle, feel free to contact us, and one of our expert battery technicians will be able to assist you. On the other hand, if you’re ready to shop batteries, follow the link and fill out the relevant information to get started. We wish you well, and happy riding!