ThrottleX proudly offers multiple battery choices for most rides and since every ride is slightly unique, there are a few things you need to consider when purchasing your ThrottleX battery.

Our goal is to inform you and make sure you get the battery you really want. The following information will assist you in making the right battery decision.


Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

This is a measurement of power that is produced by the battery when starting your ride. The higher CCA rating, the more power that is produced and sustained. This number is especially critical when considering the following;

Age Of Your Ride – Over time, certain components may begin to deteriorate, such as starters, alternators and electrical wiring. In turn these deteriorating components require more power out of your battery than it may be able to produce. This is not uncommon and is often referred to as “starting hard.” A higher CCA battery will help meet the increased demand due to aging components.

Aftermarket Accessories – Most accessories that are not original equipment place added, and usually noticeable, strain on your battery. This would include aftermarket lighting kits, winches, radios and engine parts. A battery with higher CCA’s will help meet most aftermarket accessory power demands.

Conventional Battery Technology (acid filled)

This type of battery needs to be filled with electrolyte (acid) and charged before installing.  It is typically the lowest CCA when more than one option is available. These types of batteries are not sealed or non spillable. Conventional batteries have removable caps, or a strip vent, and it is recommended that the electrolyte (acid) levels be checked periodically.  These are not maintenance free batteries.

AGM Battery Technology

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is a recent advancement in power sport battery technology. It uses a tear resistant glass mat separator to hold the electrolyte (acid) in place eliminating spills or leaks. Most of our AGM batteries are factory activated meaning they are pre filled and ready to install.

AGM batteries are non spillable and maintenance free. There is no free flowing electrolyte (acid) in these batteries. There are no removable caps and the cells are non accessible.

AGM batteries are often mistaken for Gel batteries.  Although there are similarities, there are a few distinct differences between the two technologies.  AGM batteries do not have the charging restrictions of a gel battery and have a much lower rate of discharge during extended periods of non use.  AGM batteries typically have a higher CCA than their Gel equivalents.