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Introducing: ThrottleX Batteries – a new way of buying motorcycle & powersports batteries

Hi – thanks for stopping by our blog. We here at ThrottleX Batteries are very pleased to introduce riders everywhere to a revolutionary new way of buying replacement batteries. Before delving into too much detail about our motorcycle and other powersports batteries, here is a little info we thought you might like to know about ThrottleX.

Who is ThrottleX Batteries?

ThrottleX Batteries is a new powersports battery brand presented by Battery Specialists, one of the largest and most experienced battery distributors in the Midwest. Jeff and Larry Hillis co-founded the new brand, hoping to fill the major gaps they have seen in the motorcycle/ATV battery industry over the last 30 years.

What gaps, you ask? To be sure – ThrottleX is dedicated to offering the latest and highest quality technology the powersports battery industry has to offer – but our focus doesn’t end there. There simply isn’t much information available to motorcycle, ATV and other riding enthusiasts about the different battery options that exist. Which is best for my riding style? Why are the prices different? What battery options are there for my make/model?

These are the kinds of questions we’ve made it our mission to answer.

Making educated battery purchase decisions

Not all riders are even aware that when it comes to buying a new battery for their ride, they have options, let alone which option is best for their vehicle and riding style. Even if you are aware of your options, weighing which offers the best power and value can be a chore, since this information is rarely available.

Our revolutionary ThrottleX powersports battery application guide eliminates that problem. The application guide references an enormous database of our available powersports batteries, then sorts this information and displays the ThrottleX batteries which match your ride’s make and model.

Available battery options are displayed side-by-side, clearly displaying how they measure up to one another in terms of price, power capacity, technology and warranty. Buyers can instantly cross-reference available battery types to make the best, most informed purchase decision. No price shopping necessary, and you can be confident you’ve purchased the best battery for your ride.

Leading motorcycle, ATV & powersports battery technology

At ThrottleX, we’re also sticklers for keeping up with the best technology the market has to offer. Many riders think that battery technology only applies to cold cranking amps (CCAs) and overall battery life expectancy. While these are definitely factors which are influenced by battery technology, there are other quality aspects which are important as well. We at ThrottleX Batteries understand that offering a truly quality powersports battery begins with quality materials and ISO certified manufacturing facilities.

We’ve invested in sulfate resistant technology and state-of-the-art lead alloy design in each and every battery, from our most value-priced conventional batteries to our premium absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries.

Thanks to the strong presence we’ve built in the aftermarket powersports battery industry, we offer replacement batteries for nearly every OEM (original equipment manufacturer) battery on the market.

In other words, you can find batteries at ThrottleX for just about every make/model motorcycle, ATV, UTV, jet ski, snowmobile or scooter on the market – and you can expect increased starting power as a result.

Questions? Let us know! Otherwise, head over to the battery store and take our application guide for a spin.

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