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Motorcycle Clubs vs. Riding Clubs

The differences between motorcycle clubs vs. riding clubs seem confusing due to clubs having so many rules and requirements.

Purpose:  Motorcycle clubs typically exist for the brotherhood and the camaraderie.  It’s more of a support system where members can contribute towards a greater cause and gain a sense of purpose.  The motorcycle is just something that members share in common with each other.  Riding clubs typically exist for the enjoyment of riding together, meeting like-minded riders, and gaining education.

Membership: In motorcycle clubs, members start out by following a club at various events and rides, eventually becoming a “hang around”.  At some point, once they’ve achieved enough trust with patched members, they are asked to prospect for the club.  Later on, successful prospects are voted in as patched members.  In riding clubs, members typically join by filling out an application and submitting payment of dues.

Patches:  In motorcycle clubs, a back patch is earned throughout the prospect period.  Other patches may be earned through various stages of membership and achievements.  In riding clubs, the patch is purchased, usually after a membership application is submitted and payment of dues is made.

Participation:  In motorcycle clubs, members are required to participate in meetings and events.  Failure to participate might result in fines, membership suspension, return to prospect status, or removal from club.  In riding clubs, members are encouraged to participate, not necessarily required, and generally retain their privileges as long as membership dues are paid.

Commitment:  In motorcycle clubs, members are expected to make the club their first priority.  Some clubs require that members make the club more important than their own family.  In riding clubs, the club takes a far lower priority, below family, career, and religion.

Quitting:  In motorcycle clubs, membership is a lifelong commitment.   In some motorcycle clubs, quitting does occur, but is generally accepted under extreme cases.  Riders are not expect to join a motorcycle club unless they’re willing to make a lifelong commitment.  In riding clubs, quitting is permitted, and often occurs after membership renewal comes up.

Riding clubs are actually a great way for new riders to become acclimated into the community of motorcycling.  Afterwards, they can determine which direction is best for them.

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