Meaning of Motorcyle Bells Comes From WWII Pilots

The meaning of motorcycle bells is often associated with little gremlins and/or demons that hide along the highways and sabotage motorcycles, causing bikes to crash. But their history goes back, way back. As early as the 11th Century AD, Catholics in England and Scotland rang “dead bells” in a funeral procession to ward off evil spirits. The use of bells grew in popularity in the Catholic Church as a way to mourn passing souls and continues to this day. The use... View Article

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Biker Nicknames – Ideas and Tips

Biker nicknames can be a challenge to come up with. Here are some ideas and tips to help you find a good biker nickname that everyone will remember. The best biker nicknames often start out with a story. I was riding with a group of folks the other day, and met a rider named, “Picnic Table”. “How did you get your name?” I asked him. He laughed. “A long time ago, I was with some friends back in New Mexico... View Article

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Prepare Your Battery For The Off Season

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle or Powersports Battery           Unless you live in a climate that’s warm year-round or are such an avid rider that you ride even in winter months, chances are that you face the task of winterizing your motorcycle each year. Or summerizing your snowmobile, if that’s your ride of choice. Winterizing your motorcycle, ATV or other recreational vehicle is an important task. Without proper preparation for storage, motorcycles and other vehicles quickly develop... View Article

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