Noise Free America Putting An End To Motorcycle Rallies?

A group called “Noise Free America” is targeting cities that host motorcycle rallies with negative campaigns that bash local governments as being irresponsible. And they’re effective too. Their strategy is to prevent motorcycle rallies from happening, by going to the local press and sliming the mayor and city councilmembers as being welcoming of excessive noise. In the latest case, they contacted The Morning Call, a local newspaper covering Lehigh Valley, PA, with a hit piece critical against the town of... View Article

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Is This Motorcycle Truly the Sportster Killer?

Motorcycle journalists packed themselves up close to get the first photos of what they felt confident would give Harley-Davidson its biggest competition for the Sportster line. When Indian Motorcycles finally opened up the crate to a packed crowd in Sturgis, SD, the world got to see the all new Indian Scout for the very first time. Hailed by many as “The Sportster Killer”, motorcycle writers and enthusiasts were pleased to see that Harley-Davidson finally had some real competition. So just... View Article

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Skull Symbolism in Motorcycling: What Does it Mean?

Skull symbolism in motorcycling is bit unlike that in other walks of life. That is, when I ride my motorcycle, I don’t intend to die, and nor do I intend anyone else to die. Yet, it’s a symbol so common with motorcycle riders. Why do motorcyclists adorn themselves and their bikes with skull patches, skull stickers, skull jewelry, and skull accessories, if our goal is to ride safely? Even Harley-Davidson had adopted a trademarked skull design and sells it on... View Article

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Motorcycle Safety at the Intersection

The 80’s rock band Boston sang the song “Don’t Look Back”. Sorry Boston, but when I’m riding, I look back often, especially at an intersection. Motorcycle safety at an intersection takes more than just a working brake light. To prevent being slammed into an intersection and getting wiped out by oncoming traffic, there’s a lot you can do. Here are some tips to stay safe when stopping at an intersection. 1. Check your mirrors. As you are slowing down to... View Article

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Can You Use 87 Octane Gas in a Harley-Davidson?

Many Harley-Davidson owners have asked if they can use 87 octane gas in their motorcycles. Harley-Davidson advises owners of all fuel-injected models to use premium unleaded gasoline.   But is it really necessary to use 91 or 92 octane gas? For starters, there are still some gas stations in the remote areas of the United States and Canada that sell only 87 octane and diesel.  Those who’ve ridden their motorcycles along the Alaska Highway through British Columbia and Yukon know first hand that many stations... View Article

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The History of the Three Piece Patch

The history of the three piece patch worn by numerous motorcycle clubs across the world has its roots in racing during the early years of motorcycling, as well as in World War II, and a little California town called Hollister. As early as 1901, when the first single-cylinder Indian motorcycle rolled out of the factory, clubs were being formed to extend the pastime of motorcycling to groups and social circles. Following the success of Indian and Harley-Davidson, numerous other motorcycle... View Article

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Which Electric Motorcycle Gets the Best Mileage?

How many miles can the new Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle go? Now that the Motor Company has unveiled its new battery powered motorcycle, a lot more people are talking about the future of electric bikes. But is an electric motorcycle practical? Here’s a look at the various electric motorcycles on the market now… Harley-Davidson Livewire While still in development stage, Harley claims it’s electric motorcycle has a range of 53 miles on a full charge from its lithium-ion battery.  It charges... View Article

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Why Green Motorycles Are Bad Luck

Green motorcycles are often said to be bad luck.  Why? By whom?  And what’s the story? Many long time motorcycle riders seem to have explanations that have been passed down to them.  A Google search reveals several dozen forum posts about the subject alone. One rider explained that the olive-green painted WWII-era Harley-Davidson WLA bikes that were refurbished from wartime use to domestic use, were so worn out that they easily broke down on the road. Another rider believed it was because the... View Article

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Motorcycle Clubs vs. Riding Clubs

The differences between motorcycle clubs vs. riding clubs seem confusing due to clubs having so many rules and requirements. Purpose:  Motorcycle clubs typically exist for the brotherhood and the camaraderie.  It’s more of a support system where members can contribute towards a greater cause and gain a sense of purpose.  The motorcycle is just something that members share in common with each other.  Riding clubs typically exist for the enjoyment of riding together, meeting like-minded riders, and gaining education. Membership: In motorcycle... View Article

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Where are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Made?

Where are Harley-Davidson motorcycles made?  A lot of people continue to ask us that question. Despite the common answer of “Milwaukee, WI”, the real answer isn’t that easy. Harley-Davidson has four factories in the United States, none of which are in Milwaukee… York, PA: Manufactures Touring, Softail, and CVO models Tomahawk, WI: Manufactures sidecars, saddlebags, windshields, and other parts Kansas City, MO: Manufactures Sportster, V-Rod, and Dyna models Menomonee Falls, WI: Manufactures motors and transmissions The original Milwaukee factory on Juneau Street is... View Article

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